Balancing your risk profile to your technology and service investments.

Investments to comprehensively protect and respond to cybersecurity threats whilst delivering appropriate governance within your organisation can be a real drain on your resources. You need to deliver innovative and transformational products and services to your customers without compromising growth opportunities​.

How do you balance proactively mitigating and resolving both potential and current threats, whilst ensuring good governance across people, process and technology?

Insight understands the reality of these challenges and the resulting technology and process complexities organisations have built to overcome these challenges.

There may be a better and more manageable way to build cost-effective solutions without compromise. We can explore and deliver the best, and most appropriate technologies and service solutions to meet your business requirements.

Explore how we can support you:

  • Achieve and maintain regulatory and business governance requirements​
  • Reduce complexity of cybersecurity solutions to improve your current posture
  • Enable business growth without compromising your security and risk profiles

Achieve and maintain regulatory and business governance requirements.

Meeting regulatory and corporate governance requirements is a necessity to operate in the markets you serve. It can also be costly from both a brand and financial perspective, if you fail to meet those demands with potential cost penalties imposed and the resulting negative media exposure.

But, it also provides increased opportunity to expand into new markets you may want to serve, such as government verticals or new countries.

Insight has wide ranging experience in helping organisations meet and maintain these requirements through the effective use of technology and process analysis.

Our focus is on providing advice, process gap analysis and technology deployments to support you in meeting your regulatory and business governance needs.

How we help:

  • Define and deliver technology solutions, supporting you to protect your business assets and reduce exposure risk.
  • Provide clear understanding of your current security management gaps and advise on where to invest efforts to optimise your security budget, mitigate risks and meet ISO 27001 requirements.
  • Improve and embed employee awareness throughout your organisation

Reduce complexity of cybersecurity solutions to improve your current security posture.

Security will remain a top priority for business, as threats and attacks increase in frequency and complexity. The impacts can appear minimal; from a drain on your resources, all the way up to, inhibiting business operations and not being able to operate as a going concern.

Updating aged or unsupported applications, and platforms to modern hybrid architectures often requires having to address a large amount of technical debt. And current investments maybe focused on yesterday’s threat, resulting in increased cost and complexity to improve.

Insight understands how to manage these challenges effectively, by taking a more holistic approach to your security controls and reducing the number of point-passed security solutions.

We help you reduce complexity and improve your security posture, balancing immediate needs with your future cybersecurity strategies.

How we help:

  • Reducing complexity through holistic approach to security controls rather than point solutions
  • Reduce technical debt by optimising current investments and improve overall security costs
  • Reduce cycles of technology refresh by adopting as-a-service security models

Enable business growth without compromising your security and risk profiles.

It is a tough challenge to balance security controls with usability, so that you are not affecting the productivity of your employees within your business and stifling growth.

Cybersecurity needs to be simple to manage, deliver the right levels of protection aligned to your security and risk profiles, whilst not being too prohibitive for your users.

Insight can help balance your investments in cybersecurity to meet your risk profiles with technology solutions that have effective controls and improved usability for your workforce.

How we help:

  • Identify how security can enhance business processes
  • Focus on implementing effective controls so your users don’t bypass policies and process
  • Continuously embed the human factors of change throughout your business.
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